CUBI Pipeline Documentation

This is the documentatation for the CUBI Pipeline. This documentation is split into four parts:

Pipeline User Docs

Documentation for pipeline users. Start here to learn about the pipeline. This section starts at Quickstart.

Pipeline Step Docs

Documentation for the individual pipeline steps. This includes a general description, description of the related configuration settings, and a documentation of generated output files and input workflow steps. This section starts at Pipeline Step Introduction.

Pipeline Developers Docs

Documentation for pipeline developers. After you are proficient in using the pipeline, continue reading here if you want to fix, change, or extend the pipeline. This section starts at Developer’s Introduction.

API Documentation

This is the entry point for the API.

Project Info

House-keeping information about the project, such as instructions for developer setup, author list, changelog etc. Start at How To: Release).


Where to Start?

Even if you want to modify the pipeline, it’s best to read the user documentation first (BIH users start a Quickstart, other users refer to Installation) as you need to be able to run the pipeline to test your changes and additions.